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Here you can find additional information about our company’s business operations.
Right now, it is our intention to inform you about the work performed by our compliance/legal department.


The word compliance is usually translated into Croatian as usklađenost or conformity. But, conformity to what exactly? Simply put, compliance stands for conformity to laws, rules and regulations, recommendations, guidelines, and decisions, among other things.

This means that our goal is to make sure B2 Kapital’s internal rules are in conformity with all the legislation (both national and EU legislation) currently in force in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.


The main goal and task of our compliance/legal department is to make sure all the other departments, particularly those in direct contact with the debtors, are doing their job as it is required and based on the valid sources of law.

This is achieved by defining rules of conduct through internal rules, which the compliance/legal department verifies in advance and, if necessary, highlights any necessary changes, thus bringing them into conformity with the valid sources of law.

As part of our daily work routine, we provide legal consultancy services to all the other departments’ employees, as related to their work. In such cases, we give both oral and written advice on how to best resolve a situation at hand.

During a workday, we remain focused on several important elements:

  • Safeguarding debtors’ rights and interests

The compliance/legal department carries out all the checks and puts forward recommendations for the changes in our internal rules by safeguarding the rights and interests of the debtors. The goal is to make the internal rules as oriented toward facilitating and speeding up debt settlement as possible. Moreover, the compliance/legal team makes every effort to make our internal rules of conduct as customer-friendly as possible.

  • Respecting principles of good faith and fairness in everyday work

The compliance/legal team pays special attention to compliance with the principles of good faith and fairness in our everyday work. The goal is to ensure that everything we do, especially if it is debtor-related, is done with the highest degree of care and attention to detail, at the same time minimizing the amount of paperwork and with utmost respect for our clients and debtors. We believe that only by adopting such an approach to work can we have a long-term and good-quality cooperation with our regular business partners, at the same time helping debtors to settle their debts as quickly and simply as possible.

  • Respecting business confidentiality and personal data protection

Our compliance/legal team devotes special attention to adhering to business confidentiality as well as intellectual and industrial property protection. We believe intellectual and industrial property is the basis of any successful and innovative business. Consequently, the protection of all the information and data we exchange with our business partners and debtors are subject to special protection and control by our team.

Furthermore, the compliance/legal team believes protecting personal data is conditio sine qua non (Latin for an indispensable condition) of the modern era. Apart from receiving continuing education and daily training, and monitoring relevant decisions and opinions of both national and European personal data protection agencies, our compliance/legal team participates in preparing and implementing nearly all the measures for protecting our clients and debtors’ personal data in cooperation with our personal data protection officer.

  • Preventing unfair contractual clauses

When checking contracts and agreements, our compliance/legal team applies the European consumer law principles. The goal is to have transparent, professional and fair business dealings with any business partner, client or debtor, and to ensure the highest level of conscious and good-quality business operations.

As a direct result of such a mode of operating, our compliance/legal team participates in our relations with the debtors by ensuring the most transparent and regulated relations between B2 Kapital as the creditor and you as the debtor.


  • Interdepartmental cooperation

The compliance/legal department primarily deals with legal issues so the people employed in the compliance/legal department are primary lawyers. Seeing as the compliance/legal team requires insight into and access to many fields that are not just legal in nature, its members often consult with other departments and experts in order to come up with the best solutions. Our goal is to enable a multidisciplinary solution to any issue we encounter and to provide a comprehensive answer.

  • The continued search for information

Seeing as our goal is to keep up with the relevant legislation developments, each day our compliance/legal team runs multiple checks on all the sources publishing changes in the relevant sources of law in order to provide the best possible advice to other departments and control the internal rules.

  • Education and training

Members of our compliance/legal team believe that any information they have at their disposal should be shared with the departments it relates to as soon as possible, especially when the information is brand new. That is why we often use training sessions to inform our other employees about the implementation of new rules and regulations so that, together, we are ready for any situation or challenge in finding solutions for our debtors.

Compliance Team – B2 Kapital Croatia

Compliance Team – B2 Kapital Croatia

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