Donation to the Kindergarten Petrinjčica that was affected by the earthquake

The devastating earthquake that hit the Banovina area at the end of last year caused great material damage and, unfortunately took several human lives, and encouraged us all not only to sympathize but also to take actions of help. Numerous donations and many volunteers who came to Petrinja, Glina, Sisak and surrounding places, in addition to material and physical assistance to residents of these areas, also helped in something that was at least equally important – the feeling that they are not alone. Recovery will be neither easy nor quick, and for citizens who today live among the ruins and with unrecognizable views of their cities and towns, it is still equally important to know that we are with them and that they are not forgotten. That is why we decided to help in the recovery of the Petrinjčica Kindergarten, which found itself in a difficult situation and facing numerous challenges. With two significantly damaged kindergarten facilities in which about 220 children were accommodated daily, and with other material damage to the facilities and equipment, they started the fight for a quick restart. In their statements, the people of Petrinja point out that such a normalization of life is imperative to prevent significant emigration of people from these areas, and this certainly includes the work of Preschool.

In a conversation with Josip Vučković Mazalin, a psychologist at the Petrinjčica Kindergarten, we detected the needs that they have and how we can help bring smiles back to their faces after the trauma. Our employees collected 3,500HRK with which we bought and donated five CD players and toys for outdoor play, such as various sand toys, balls and football goals.

We thank all the employees who participated in this action!

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