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We understand privacy very seriously when we collect, process and use your personal information in accordance with legal frameworks since we want you to feel comfortable and secure while using our website. This Statement of Privacy refers to the web site,, and,

This website uses cookie technology to collect visitor behavior data. This data is collected anonymously, with the aim of being used for marketing purposes and / or web site optimization. All visitor information is saved using anonymous visitor IDs and can be aggregated into the user profile. Cookies can be used to collect and save this data, but data remains strictly anonymous. The data will not be used for personal identification of visitors and will not be aggregated with any personal information. Collecting and storing data may be refused at any time in respect of subsequent services.

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These cookies are automatically saved on the server for each user through the web site system. As a rule, if a user is not active for 20 minutes on a website, these cookies are deleted.

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B2Kapital uses certain promotions that are kept even after a certain session (‘durable cookies’). These cookies allow, among other things, that certain promotions appear only once, that is, they are not repeated. Cookies will remain in your browser until you clear them. Of course, you can configure the browser so that the cookies are not saved on the hard disk. Instructions on how to change the cookie settings in the browser can be found in the “Help” section of your browser.

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