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During the ongoing crisis which suddenly caught everyone by surprise, significantly changed our lives and the way we work, and for which we still cannot be certain how long it will take before we return to what we previously considered normal, communication and attitude towards employees have become increasingly important. We at B2 capital are aware of the new challenges and the increased level of stress everyone is exposed to, which is why we further increased our efforts in caring for our employees’ physical and mental health. Our Human Resources Department, fully supported by the Management, has implemented and is still conducting numerous related activities.

Work from home has largely marked the previous year and the lack of usual daily interaction between colleagues in the workplace has set the timely informing of employees about company activities as one of the top priorities. Our top priority is, of course, care for the health and safety of the employees. Epidemiological measures have been continuously and consistently applied since the first day at B2 Kapital, reducing internal transmission to a minimum, making it practically non-existent. The health of employees has been protected thanks to their responsible behavior not only at the workplace but also outside of work.

Ivana Lesjak, head of the Human Resources Department considers the support offered to colleagues in this new and uncertain situation as one of the key activities of her team in 2020. Namely, a survey conducted among the employees of B2 Kapital showed that they enjoyed waking up later and saving the time usually spent traveling to the office when working from home, but most pointed out that it was difficult for them to adjust to working from home. The lack of fixed working hours, going to sleep and waking up to work, as well as difficulties in separating business and private life has affected many negatively, and employees reported missing talking to and spending time with colleagues.

Therefore, the HR Business Partnering project was launched in which we approached employees on an individual level, holding regular virtual individual meetings during which we discussed the difficulties and challenges they face and how we can help them overcome these. A large number of our employees addressed colleagues from the Human Resources Department and requested support with the new situation in order to fulfill their work obligations as successfully as possible.

Intense communication and support at the individual level enabled us to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction even in these circumstances. This has helped employees feel better and made our company’s business more successful. Employees are the most valuable part of our company and each of them deserves to be supported and to be taken care of by the company, especially in challenging situations. This was our guiding principle in 2020, and will continue guiding us this year as well.

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