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B2 Kapital Croatia and its employees again showed their big heart and participated in several charity campaigns and helped community members in need.❤️

Our employees participated in charity campaigns in two institutions:

▪️ Home for Children and Adult Victims of Domestic Violence “Duga-Zagreb”

In agreement and with the help of social workers from the Home “Duga-Zagreb”, we got a list of wishes from children and their mothers which was fully fulfilled by our employees, who also sent them additional gifts with the desire to make the upcoming holidays as joyful and beautiful as possible while staying in the Home for holidays.

In addition to gift packages with hygienic necessities, social games, and candy, we organized a charity raffle where we raised funds by selling numbers to buy a washing machine and a refrigerator for the Home.

▪️ Elementary school Nad Lipom

Our employees helped raise additional funds by purchasing all the calendars painted by the school’s students, which will also be donated to the school.

B2 Kapital as company participated and donated equipment and funds in the following institutions:

▪️ Autism Centre Zagreb

B2 Kapital this year decided to help the Autism Centre. We donated the necessary office material to help equip the classrooms in which they work with the Centre’s users.

▪️ Elementary school Nad Lipom

In addition to the employees participating in the purchase of the fundraising calendar, B2 Kapital decide to help the Elementary school Nad Lipom, whose practices include elementary education and education of students with easier and more difficult intellectual and other associated developmental difficulties. We supported the school’s project “Air Conditioning of the Sports Hall” with its donation of HRK 4.875,00 euros.

These actions are the company’s continuous practice of helping the community that B2 Kapital is systematically implementing with its employees, and they are always happy to respond to charity campaigns, and each event ends more successfully than we expected.

Indeed, we all have a big heart together and we can be proud of this action, of course not the last one. ❤️❤️

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