Children without proper parental care from Samobor received a donation for Christmas

Donations came from all B2 Kapital employees, marking this way the end of the year

Zagreb, December 24, 2019 – B2 Kapital has on several occasions assisted and participated in the actions of the Association for the Care of Children without Proper Parental Care – Nova Budućnost from Samobor. This year, the help of the Association came in the form of a donation for the new kitchen equipment provided by B2 Kapital, as well as additional donations from all employees in the form of the vouchers for shopping.

The aim of the Association is to provide a home, a happy childhood and a normal course of education for children without proper parental care. This means providing them with housing, food, clothing, hygiene supplies, upbringing and everything that every child should have in a family environment. It requires the great heart and will of the members of the Association, as well as the constant inflow of financial resources for the Association to function and, if possible, to fulfill at least some of the child wishes of its protégés, said Tanja Miljanić Presečki, President of the Management Board of B2 Kapital.

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