B2Holding continued the positive operational growth

B2Holding (“B2H”) continued the positive operational growth and the third quarter 2018 represents another strong quarter for the Group. The Group recorded all-time high levels in Operating profit and Cash EBITDA and other key performance indicators.

The Group posted a record-high quarterly cash EBITDA of NOK 778 million, an increase of NOK 306 million compared to Q3 2017 (+65%). The operating profit hit NOK 370 million (+46%) and net profit increased to NOK 159 million from NOK 113 million in Q3 2017 (+40%).

In Q3 2018, B2H invested NOK 988 million in new portfolios, well diversified in asset classes and regions with majority of the acquisitions within Northern and Western Europe. In the first nine months of 2018, B2Holding has purchased portfolios for NOK 4,746 million. The Company has acquired portfolios for approx. NOK 6.7 billion over the last 12 months (+108%) and grown the total gross ERC to approx. NOK 20.6 billion (+69%).

In September B2H signed an agreement to amend and extend the existing RCF with new maturity day being 31 May 2022. At the end of the quarter, the Group has strong operating cash flow from collection on purchased loan portfolios in addition to NOK 1.7 billion investment capacity and is thus well positioned to take advantage of the current market with strong pipeline and attractive returns.

In the third quarter B2Holding Group obtained a finance company license in Norway and an IFN license in Romania, enabling the Group to acquire non-performing as well as performing claims from all kind of financial institutions including banks in these markets. For further information, please visit the B2Holding official webpage.

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