B2 Kapital’s business continues to grow in the markets of both Croatia and Central Europe

Ever since its arrival in the Croatian market in 2013, B2 Kapital, which specializes in NPL acquisition and management, has become a successful and respectable player in the financial sector and a desirable partner to many financial institutions in the region. The company is part of B2Holding ASA, a leading international group in the field of debt purchase and collection. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the Group currently has more than 2200 employees in 23 countries, with offices in additional three countries.

Over the past five years, B2 Kapital has experienced continued growth and is presently employing more than 190 people. Its business operations are based on an innovative Nordic model, providing full financial services in debt collection and management in line with the highest standards and best international practices.

The fast growth that the company has witnessed over the past few years is evidenced in the latest top 1,000 of Croatia’s biggest companies by total revenue in 2017. The company is ranked 202nd on this list published annually by the Croatian business weekly Lider. Moreover, in the category titled Financial Intermediation – Other, the company took the high fifth place. Owing to its successful business operations, and despite numerous fluctuations on the domestic financial market, B2 Kapital ended last year with substantial growth in all areas of the business.

This positive result shows that our approach to our customers regarding repayments and amicable solutions has produced sustainable effects, not just for the company, but for the other stakeholders in the market as well. Alongside B2 Kapital, even B2Holding ASA has experienced continued growth since its establishment in November 2011. This clearly indicates that upward trends are present not just on individual markets across Europe, where the Group’s members operate, but also on the large European market.

An integral part of B2 Kapital’s business operations is Corporate Social Responsibility activities, which the company has been implementing to support changes and to help solve the community’s banking problems. This is something that enjoys strong support from our employees as far as volunteering is concerned. Apart from implementing projects that benefit the local community, we are also continually working on ensuring good-quality, stimulating working conditions, and investing in our employees’ both professional and personal growth and development through various training- and educational programs.

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