B2 Kapital celebrates Norges Nasjonaldag this year as well

Zagreb, May 21 – Following last year’s tradition, over 200 employees of B2 Kapital, B2 Real Estate and H-abduco attended the recent celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day, a national holiday also known as Norges Nasjonaldag.

The event was also attended by a special guest from Norway, Member of B2Holding Management Board, J. Harald Henriksen, who said he was immensely pleased with the fact that celebrating this rather important Norwegian holiday had become a tradition at B2 Kapital. In his brief address, the President of the Management Board of B2 Kapital, Ivan Mihoković, highlighted and praised the same thing. The official part of the event was followed by an entertainment program, which included socializing, enjoying food and drinks, and musical performance, as well as a competition in doing jigsaw puzzles featuring Norwegian motifs and golf competition. The best jigsaw puzzle team – consisting of members of the legal department – won a voucher for an escape room for the entire team. .

Norway’s Constitution Day is celebrated on May 17 and the celebration has become part of the culture at B2 Kapital. By celebrating the day in question, the positive values that come with that day are reflected on the values of the company. To strengthen this positive exchange of values, the President of the Management Board, Ivan Mihoković, and Member of the Management Board, Tanja Miljanić Presečki, attended the celebration at the Norwegian Embassy.

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