CHF currency loan conversion

According the provisions of the Law on Amendments to the Law of Commercial crediting and the Law on Amendments to the Law of crediting institutions(NN 102/2015) dated since 30. 9.2015., B2 KAPITAL d.o.o. as a creditor who holds the claims from multiple croatian banks from credit contracts in HRK with currency clausule in CHF with obligation to debtors and other participatns in credit to deliver conversion calculations with currency clause in CHF with credit with currency clause in EUR.

This is complient to all the loans made with CHF as the currency whos users are citizens and physical entities which perform free work activity, artisan work, marketing, sales and OPG activities.

Conversion calculations will be delivered via mail with delivery stamp to the loan debtors and other loan participants(codeptors, guaranteres).


B2 KAPITAL will deliver following documentation to every participant:

  • Conversion calculation at the date 30.9.2015. with status overview of each type of claims
  • Memo with basic conversion process information
  • The draft agreement on the settlement of relations
  • Form for debtor statement (loan user) about acceptaning the conversion calculation


Our website provides a conversion calculator for CHF loans, while archived historical data is availabe with business conditions, interest rate evaluations and daily currency rates for banks with which the loans were contracted with.

You can access the conversion using the username and a unique PIN number which was delivered to you in the memo with basic conversion information.

For any and all questions please feel free to contact us via the following mail: or phone number 01/800 11 70.

Frequently asked questions:

How will the conversion calculation and other documentation be delivered?

According to the Law on Amendments to the Law on Consumer Credit it is the creditors obligation to deliver the conversion calculation along with the rest of documentation exclusively by mail with returnee.

In case that at the moment of delivery you are not at the address, mail can be accepted in post office in the due date stamped in the Croatian Posts memo which will be delivered to your post cabinet.

Will B2 KAPITAL deliver the necessary documentation to other participants in the loan, other then the debtor (codebtors, guaranters)?

Yes. According the law, all of the loan participants will receive a memo with conversion calculation and other documentation, the same as to the debtor.

What is the deadline in which I must declare my acceptance for conversion?

Deadline to notify the B2 KAPITAL about accepting the conversion is 30 days from the delivery of conversion calculation.

What is the procedure in case I accept conversion?

Statement of conversion acceptance the debtor can deliver to B2 KAPITAL by certified mail with returnee or in person to the following address:

  • Radnička cesta 41
  • 10000 Zagreb.

Please bring a valid identification papers when coming in person.

Are the other loan participants obligated to sign the Agreement of mutual relations with conversion?

In case of accepting the conversion, all of the participants in the original Loan contract in CHF are obligated to sign the Agreement and confirm their signatures at the public notary, as well as sign any other documentation necessary to carry out the conversion(e.g. agreement of payed amount...) Cost of public notary bears the B2 KAPITAL.

Can the conversion be executed if one of the participants is unwilling, or unable, to sign the Agreement?

If one of the participants is unwilling to sign the Agreement bidden by the law as a prerequisite for conversion (e.g. Agreement of payed amount) the conversion will not be executed.

If one of the participants is unable to personally sign (e.g. leave, sickness, somet other reason for voidance), an amendment can be signed by the assignee with the special assign which will be authenticated by the public notary in RC or superior body in other country if the participant is abroad.

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